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PDFTerms and

A complete copy of our terms and conditions can be downloaded as a PDF document.

Third Party Liability:
All participants take part in the tours at their own risk and Guides4you accept no legal responsibility.

Booking a Tour:
After booking a tour the client receives a written confirmation via e-mail. On receipt of this confirmation the booking is fixed, and a contract exists. All terms and conditions have then been accepted by the client.

Changes to the Contract:
Any changes to the contract, such as a reduction or increase of group size, meeting point, duration of tour etc. are to be given within a reasonable time before the start of the tour. Should a reduction in group numbers result in a reduction in guides required and we were not informed in time, then we are obliged to charge the client according to the original contract.

Client Delay:
In case of delay the guide is required to wait 30 minutes for the arrival of the client. This time will be added to the invoice.

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